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A lack of concentration from Anthony Taylor caused controversy between Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United

Anthony Taylor has had a terrific season to date both here and in Europe.

It is with some disappointment that I refer to a very unusual incident in this weekend’s televised Sky Bet Championship game between Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United.

Taylor’s movement around the field of play is terrific leading to some excellent decision making, although I did think that he failed to punish a clear grappling offence which should have resulted in a penalty kick to the home team.

Then looking relaxed and in complete control, one loss of concentration and awareness undermined his performance and was the talking point at the end of the game.

In the 78th minute, Anthony Taylor correctly awarded a free-kick to Leeds United. Sheffield Wednesday at this point decided, in this break in play, to substitute one of their players. While this was in progress and not completed, Anthony – in a moment of madness – allowed the free-kick to be taken and Leeds United scored.

This loss of concentration or a piece of sloppy officiating by the referee suddenly ruined his afternoon’s work.

He knew something was not right and after a conversation with his fourth official promptly disallowed the goal and ordered the free-kick to be taken again. Taylor’s actions to disallow the goal and order the re-take are entirely correct in law, however this was an incident that will stay with him for some time to come.

Referees: this incident underpins how officials must ensure high levels of awareness and concentration when officiating and have a thorough knowledge of the Laws of the Game.

Anthony Taylor must put this incident behind him and return quickly to his top-level performances.