Yellow card

The International Football Association Board will discuss the possible introduction of a sin bin at its upcoming meeting in 2017, and how video technology can be introduced to assist the accuracy of referees’ decision-making.

I wonder if what needs to be done by this committee is to actually review the range of sanctions that are currently applied. Yes – consider a root-and-branch approach for the professional game.

The game at the highest level competes in the global leisure and entertainment industry, attracting large sums of money. When one or more players are shown the red card the entertainment value diminishes. The armchair spectators around the world and the supporters in the ground want to watch two teams of 11 players.

When the ultimate sanction of a red card is issued it generally has a negative effect on the overall game, and those with the television set button close to hand can start switching from one channel to the next.

So, is the sin bin the ultimate answer?

Should we remove red and yellow cards altogether and go for the sin bin sanction only?

Is the sin bin going to replace the yellow card only?

Do we use the sin bin instead of issuing a second yellow card?

Do we use the sin bin for specific offences? Such as encroachment, denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity or dissent.

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