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VAR threw up another talking point tonight as England drew 1-1 with Italy at Wembley. The first ever video assistant referee intervention in an England match led to the penalty that Italy equalised from in the 87th minute.

Jamie Vardy’s opening goal was cancelled out by Lorenzo Insigne’s spot-kick, awarded by the VAR after a foul by debutant James Tarkowski.

Italian midfielder Federico Chiesa went through and slipped between Ashley Young and  Tarkowski with the Burnley centre back deemed by the VAR to have fouled the player.

You Are The Ref’s Mark Halsey said: “In my opinion Tarkowski doesn’t make a challenge. The referee is unsure and he gives a goal-kick but then the Italy players seem to indicate a corner.

“The VAR then clearly tells the referee Deniz Aytekin that he feels he has missed an infringement. But for me the player doesn’t make the challenge. The Italy player is already going down and plants his feet, and in that same moment, when he’s already in motion, where else is Tarkowski supposed to put his feet?

“The main issue here is that it’s not clear and obvious, so why does the VAR get involved? Once again we are seeing the video assistant try to re-referee the game, instead of following protocol.

“Also there was clear encroachment during the taking of the penalty, that is fact and a clear and obvious error, so why has the VAR not got involved in this situation.”


  1. Can I suggest that you familiarise yourself with law 12? He doesn’t need to make a challenge in order to commit an offence.

    • I don’t believe it was a clear and obvious error not awarding a penalty initially either. The incident was yet another mockery. How referrals are made should change so the referee can ask for an incident to be looked at again instead of the VAR advising the referee an error has been made. Up to now VAR has been shambolic due in part to poor communication, the length of time it takes to come up with the decision and it has been used against the clear and obvious guidelines. Some more though needs to go into it before it is introduced fully.


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