Hackett's Verdict

Time for reflection on another long domestic season. At You Are The Ref we have produced tables charting the records of referees in both Select Group 1 and the new Select Group 2. There are some areas of general concern … Continue

Felix Brych demonstrated in the Champions League final why he is one of the best referees in the world.

Real Madrid v Juventus was always going to be a very challenging encounter. Watching the game and at the same time … Continue

I was delighted to learn that the sons of the great legend John Charles have been invited to watch Juventus play in the European Champions League Final at Cardiff this Saturday.

Many years ago I was officiating Juventus and after … Continue

I think it is obvious to anyone that Professional Game Match Official Limited, the organisation responsible for refereeing at the professional level, is struggling to deliver a cadre of world-class officials. Frankly, there is an insufficient number of quality officials … Continue

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