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    I predicted pre-tournament that the use of the spray would promote positive debate amongst football lovers around the world.

    The question now been asked by our website readers is, does the use of the spray to indicate the position of … Continue

      The pitch in Manaus, where England and Italy meet in their opening World Cup game on Saturday evening, has received lots of criticism from ‘experts’ all over the globe.

      Most of the ‘experts’ agree that it is more akin to … Continue

        Following his performance in the opening game yesterday, you might be asking yourself what happens next for this team of officials.

        Well immediately after the game he will take on board food that will assist his recovery process plus appropriate … Continue

          England should be delighted that experienced Dutch referee Bjorn Kuipers has been selected to officiate the England v Italy game in the heat of Manaus.

          He certainly reads the game well and is renowned for demonstrating a calm temperament with … Continue

            Will this World Cup be a watershed for the game – as the last one to be staged without the use of replays?

            That’s a debate urged by You Are The Ref expert Keith Hackett who believes a “referee in … Continue

              Yuichi Nishimura from Japan has got the opening game of the World Cup. I wish him and his colleagues every success.

              Officiating Brazil v Croatia will set the tone for the tournament and is for Yuichi the culmination of years … Continue

                The FIFA Referees Committee appointed 25 referee trios and eight support duos representing 43 different countries for the World Cup tournament in Brazil.

                Referee Profiles

                Noumandiez Doube will be the first referee from Ivory Coast to take part in the … Continue

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