U.S. Soccer’s membership elected Carlos Cordeiro as U.S. Soccer’s 32nd President during the National Council Meeting at its annual AGM two days ago. Winning on the third ballot, he replaces outgoing President Sunil Gulati and will serve a four-year term.

Speaking at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld the newly elected president said: “Thank you to those of you who have supported me today.

“This is incredibly humbling. I want to thank all the candidates for a stirring campaign. I’d like to thank Sunil and our board for their tireless service. To those of you who didn’t vote for me, I’m going to work to earn your support and trust over the next four years. I promise I will work for all of you to bring us together as one soccer community. Thank you very much.”

Cordeiro was victorious in the first contested U.S. Soccer presidential election since 1998, winning the majority vote in an eight-candidate field which also featured Paul Caligiuri, Kathy Carter, Steve Gans, Kyle Martino, Hope Solo, Michael Winograd and Eric Wynalda.


Ballot 1: Carlos Cordeiro (36.3%), Kathy Carter (34.6%), Eric Wynalda (13.7%), Kyle Martino (8.6%), Steve Gans (4.1%), Hope Solo (1.6%), Michael Winograd (0.6%), Paul Caligiuri (0.5%)

* Paul Caligiuri withdrew after first ballot

Ballot 2: Carlos Cordeiro (41.8%), Kathy Carter (33.3%), Eric Wynalda (10.8%), Kyle Martino (10.2%), Steve Gans (2.4%), Hope Solo (1.5%), Michael Winograd (0.0%)

*  Michael Winograd and Steve Gans withdrew after second ballot

Ballot 3: Carlos Cordeiro (68.6%), Kathy Carter (10.6%), Kyle Martino (10.6%) Eric Wynalda (8.9%), Hope Solo (1.4%)

You Are The Ref’s North America Academy Director Sonia Denoncourt  said: “We wish Cordeiro the best success in his new role as President of US soccer. He could be instrumental in the development of referees in the USA and we hope he is ready for considerable changes as he promised during the campaign.

“Ultimately, the pros and the athletes carried a lot of weight and voted as a bloc, this made a difference in the election on the 3rd ballot and left Kathy Carter behind.

“Behind the scene, Cordeiro was supported by Sunil Gulati (former US soccer president) and Victor Montagliani (Concacaf president). People want to see significant changes and success in soccer at every level, being pro soccer to grass roots through quality development and competitions. It is time for action and we are looking forward to working with him.”


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