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UEFA will implement goal line tchnology at EURO 2016

UEFA have finally decided to adopt goal line technology in time for the European Championships this summer.

Its implementation in both Euro 2016 and the Champions League is being applauded by You Are The Ref experts.

However, Keith Hackett, who helped pioneer the introduction of such a system in the Premier League, is puzzled that UEFA chiefs are persisting with extra officials behind each goal.

That was the brainchild of banned president Michel Platini, who repeatedly opposed technological help for referees. However, Platini sanctioned a review before his suspension.

With goal tech having been an overwhelming success in both the World Cup and the Premier League, Hackett said: “At last. This is great news for referees and the integrity of the game.

“But I don’t see any need or justification for extra officials. Why is this being continued?

“I’m not convinced they give value for the considerable cost involved. Weren’t they introduced primarily to see whether the ball had crossed the line?

“Now that worry has been removed, there are surely better ways to spend the money.

“Apart from the cost, the need for two extra officials at each match stretches refereeing resources too far.”