What a game that was at the weekend, and what a finish! I’m talking about the meeting of Spurs, who took such a poor Premier League record at Anfield with them, and Liverpool, which must have livened up everyone’s Sunday afternoon.

The pressure and the stakes were such that I can actually sympathise with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. It’s obviously not his first outburst, even in the same week, but he’s seen his team denied three precious Premier League points right at the death by what we used to call a linesman, and if I was him that would have given me the hump, too!

There was so much to discuss, but the first point where I appear to differ from most of the people I have spoken to was that very last decision of a scintillating encounter… the award of a second penalty to Spurs, after they had missed one awarded for a foul on Harry Kane by the keeper.

For the second one, sorry but Erik Lamela was leading with his arse when he was caught by Virgil van Dyke. The Spurs man, and don’t forget I played for them and not for Liverpool, was not going for the ball and therefore I thought it was him committing a foul! For me, if you watch it carefully, you can’t fail to see the big Dutchman trying to pull away and not go through with his own challenge.

I also think Kane was offside for the first penalty incident, although I have heard plenty agree with me on that one. The thing is, it feels like no one has a clue what actually constitutes offside any more. We have allowed between us a grey area to develop due to this obsession with phases, but you can’t tell me Kane was not interfering with play, so the flag should have gone up and the whistle blown before the poor keeper has had a chance to bring Harry down.

Sure, Kane showed what he is made of by stepping up a second time with the heat well and truly on. But in all honesty, even though I feel Spurs had shown themselves to be the better side in that second half, Liverpool have the right to feel that Mo Salah’s fantastic late goal was enough to take all the spoils.

One pundit I really admire, Davie Provan, had a point when he asked exactly how can Kane not have been interfering, when Dejan Lovren would surely have let the pass go through to Karius instead of attempting the clearance that put Liverpool in so much trouble in the first place?

Yes, I get why the deflection off Lovren has played Kane on, but for me he was interfering, simple as that – why wouldn’t he be – and Jon Moss should have recognised the fact and awarded a free kick for what was a clear offside, as Klopp went on to argue.

A lot was also made of the discussions between Moss and his assistant, which even led to a PGMOL statement being issued in the week. My final question would be, what the hell is wrong with asking the fourth official if he has seen a different angle, anyway? He’s there to help, isn’t he!

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  1. The truth is everything was ok at the end apart from the fact that Spurs should have won by clear goals and Liverpool could not have anything to complain about.

    • Spurs deserved nothing and were the lucky ones. Brazil’s assessment of the situation is spot on. The only way you were going to score was from the penalty spot, and that they did by diving and cheating. Spurs fans over the last few years have become an arrogant lot despite winning nothing of note since the sixties. I have to put up with them saying we live off of our history, hilarious. At least we’ve won trophies within living memory! !

      • Hmm didn’t Dyer gift you the first goal…over the course of the game Spurs deserved to win, more possession, more shots on and off target. Ali did dive and was booked but the other pen were given because of the stupidity of your players. Lets not forget Spur only scored one of the penalties…think the controversy masked Liverpool, the “home” teams lack of tactical nonce and fitness second half.

      • Having watched MOTD3 here’s MY interpretation of the first penalty. Alli intends to plays the ball into Lamela(look at the direction and pass of the ball) before the first Liverpool player pressing the ball diverts it towards Lovren and Kane. Lovren makes a hash of the clearance and then Kane revived it. So the call is for Lamela, hits 2 Liverpool players who intentionally touch the ball, one as a block one as a clearance. Kane is onside! The second goal is so marginal in offside that to the naked eye live you can see why the Lino didn’t give it. With technology it was offside!

      • A Liverpool fan complaining that Spurs fans live off their history. You are not serious. Also moaning about Spurs players diving. Don’t you remember you had that cheating, Freddie Mercury look-a-like Suarez.

      • Sour grapes eh. A lot of people have forgotten Clattenburg’s howler when the ball crossed over the line to the back of the net and was swept out by Carol….everyone saw it except Clatt and his linesman. Man Utd v Spurs. What ould we do but nothing! Spurs supp not arrogant mate…just reaping some of the luck due to us! COYS!

      • 😂😂😂😂 you idiot. Check the replay of Wanyama’s goal. Deluded red goggles! Spurs bossed the game for an hour and the draw was the least we deserved.

  2. The truth is that 3 spurs players threw themselves to the ground in a blatant attempt to cheat and win the match dishonestly.

    Regardless of the result, it was a disgusting display that you expect from the likes of the 80s italian teams.

    I know a few spurs fans that were squirming in their seats looking sheepish.

    I hate it when ours have done the same in the past and think an independent pane should be set up to hand out retrospective bans to cheats

  3. A reasonable article. Well-balanced.

    I take issue with one thing. The ref cannot seek video assistance for the matter discussed. It is not an agreed part of the current system. In my view it should be.

  4. If you ask me Liverpool are lucky to escape with a point. Spurs battered them in the second half. I’m a city fan before you all kick off at me

  5. I beg to differ with you. I agree that the first penalty was offside. I guess the ref forund out it was Lovren and thinking – he’s so poor so he probably played it to Kane on purpose…! The second is always a penalty. Everyone besides you and the scouser community agrees with that. If you read other refs judgement they all say the same – maybe you are wiser?

  6. A player is not considered to be gaining an advantage by standing in an offside position if the opposition attempts to play the ball and diverts the ball to the player in an offside position. As not considered to be gaining an advantage, Kane was not offside. I know the rules have been clarified since you and I played but it was still the same then. You must have complained to the ref, “He played me onside he touched it on the way through” and the ref saying “sorry I had already blown” – I know I did.

    That’s one of the reasons behind the apparent delay in putting the flag up nowadays and the time the ref takes to whistle and offside. The rules haven’t changed just been clarified as too many refs ignored the fact that if the opposition plays the ball last you cannot be offside. What was confusing previously was if you hammered to ball against an opponent then an offside colleague could benefit from the rebound. That was clarified by making the defender have to show intent to play the ball. Lovren certainly swung his foot at the ball – he nearly ended up on the floor as he shanked it to Kane. Also you do not have to be playing the ball for the Lamela decision -if he was within playing distance then he is shielding the ball and Van Dyke cannot kick his calf and knee him in his gluteus. The ridiculous complaint that Van Dyke didn’t know he wa there so couldn’t have intended to foul him, that I have heard some uniformed people say is sad as I dont know how many times a ref has said to me- Only hand ball requires intent as a foul. So both decisions were correct and it was so dramatic that the Liverpool support just couldn’t believe it and wanted to complain about something.

  7. Why are you spending so much time discussing an “offside” that lead to a penalty that wasn’t scored??? Even if he had been offside – which he wasn’t according to the PGMOL – he didn’t score it!

    Because it changed the game, you say? Oh yes, that’s right – Salah went up the other end and scored. THAT is how it changed the game.

    Kane did not score his penalty – what are you whining about? You should be talking about Wanyama’s incredible goal.

    Van Dijk kicked Lamela = penalty. He tried to get his body inbetween the ball and the defender. Boo hOo.

  8. Alan Brazil should know a lot about offside goals, he scored enough of them in his time as did one Kevin Keegan never mind the penalties he and Toshack somehow won in front of the KOP. It seems to me that quite a lot of has beens are jumping on the bandwagon to kick THFC in the nuts yet not one of these paper pundits are prepared to meet the Spurs fans face to face and spout their drivel. Today I read that a lot of Arse fans are up in arms about Pochettino’s comments about too much fuss is made about players diving. The cunts from the library have very short memories indeed. If those old enough to remember the antics of a certain French nonce named Robert Perez, should be ashamed of themselves. You just had to blow on that guy and he was over as if felled by an axe just to get a penalty or free kick in advantageous positions. Not one Arse licker opened their mouths about that back then did they. Alli’s antics are disgusting but somehow it’s worse because it’s a Spurs player and now even Harry Kane is brought into the equation. I hold my hands up for the Chelsea players who told Drogba off for his outlandish diving which he did stop and perhaps that’s what the Spurs players have to do with Alli.

  9. Why do so many journalists and ex footballers not understand the offside rule. It has been explained over and over and yet all they do is harp back their own era or a past era. It’s not about interfering with play on Kanes offside call. It’s phases of play, first phase is that the ball was played through. If it goes to Kane then that is phase one and he is offside (interfering doesn’t come into it). However what happens is that the ball goes to Lovren who has a swipe at it and it comes off the side of his foot (a deliberate act not a deflection) so that is now phase two and it is now just a mistake that has put Kane through on goal. People should be critising Lovren but instead they are using it to make controversy and take the pressure off klopp for his team’s woeful performance in possession. Dier makes the same play and nobody discusses it for a week he’s not trying to play Salah through on goal it’s just a mistake……..very simple!

    As for the 2nd decision get a life……it’s a clear cut penalty, he hacks through the back of Lamela and gets nothing of the ball, whether hes trying to clear the ball of not or whether Lamela is actually injured is academic it’s a clear cut penalty as Van Dyke doesn’t see the player coming kicks the back of him and misses the call!

  10. If it was a deflection then Kane us offside, but since 2011 the offside rule states that If a defending player makes a deliberate attempt to play the ball, and connects with it then an attacking player standing in an offside position onside. Hence Mo Salah was onside for Dier’s deliberate touch and Kane onside for Lovren’s deliberate attempt at a clearance. Kane missed and Sarah scored soon after so ultimately Liverpool gained a draw from a game they so easily could have lost

  11. The problem here Alan, is that you do not know the rules. ‘Interfering with play’ was taken out of the rule some time ago. Had Lovren left the ball to go through to Kane then he would’ve been offside, the deliberate attempt that Lovren made to play the ball resulted in Kane becoming onside. You may disagree with the rule, but the referee and linesman applied it correctly (as is their job).

    The Lamela penalty I thought was absolutely clear cut, Lamela got himself in between Van Dyke and the ball (as is his right) Van Dyke didn’t realise this and took a swipe at the ball, resulting in him kicking Lamela at the top of the calf/back of the knee, it wasn’t the merest of touches either but a pretty hard kick. Van Dyke was nowhere near playing the ball, caught the player quite heavily (even if unintentionally) and therefore, again, penalty was the correct decision.

    I agree that it was a good game though. Liverpool play a lot of long ball up to their pacy forwards and put a huge amount of effort into pressing the opposition at all times. Spurs on the other hand look a more classy team, playing great football out from the back, while also pressing, but in a less frantic manner that allows them to continue with the tactic all the way through the game instead of being exhausted after 50 or 60 minutes as Liverpool were.

    • Interfering with play is still in the law book. In fact its the first dot point in section 2 of the offside law. Pick up a law book and you’ll see it. The problem here is that Alan is using it in the wrong context as it can’t be interfering with play as the ball wasn’t “last touched or played by a teammate”.

  12. At least you have admitted that Liverpool players have dived too…glasshouse’s and all that… Lucas at Watford to name one was booked for it.

  13. Brazil trying to make out he is the voice of neutrality lol. Ex Spurs player or not there’s nobody on the radio or in print who more regularly talks up the notion of our top players leaving the club.

  14. I don’t know what Spurs have done to Brazil but he seems to be holding a fair amount of resentment lately. Perhaps they’ve withdrawn his free alcohol vip package on match day.

  15. Salah offside for the first, Lamela booted in the leg for the pen. Not offside either as can’t be be offside from a throw in, Can red for rugby tackle on Dembele. I’ve never know a match to boil so much piss. Up the fucking Spurs!!!

  16. Its amazing how professional players don’t know the rules. Top referees have stated that Moss got all the decisions right. Kane was not interfering with play because the goalie had a clear view of what was happening.

  17. Why cant they just accept it and get over it!!!!! I think they have all conveniently forgotten the late 70’s 80’s and early 90’s when for 20 odd years the away teams were lucky to be awarded a free kick let alone a penalty, which was totally down to the home fans intimidating the officials!!! what happened on Sunday could happen for the next fifty games at Anfield and it still wouldn’t make up for the advantageous decisions Liverpool had in these prime years!

  18. Quality assessment…..led with his arse. What nonsense. Funny that the PGMOL assessor confirmed both decisions as correct. Brazil and all scousers know more obviously.
    And why doesn’t Plopp get booked every time he runs out of the technical area? At the very least it’s incitement.

  19. I doubt Alan actually believes any of this, he just wants more listeners. The first pen is irrelevant since it was missed, but everyone knows that officials never give offside until a player becomes active, i.e. when the ball gets to them. We see this eveny week.
    So Lovren’s attempts to play the ball change the game and Kane is then onside. Not sure many of us like that, but it is the rule currently. For he second pen, it doesn’t matter what Lamela led with, not what VD was trying to do. Only one thing matters – VD kicked Lamela, ergo it’s a penalty. Looking at the game s a whole, we saw Spurs gift a goal with their usual nervous start. We then saw them be too gentlemanly to Salah at the end when many teams would have hacked him down before he got to the penalty area. In between those two incidents we saw Liverpool press until they ran out of steam at which point Spurs took over the game. Were it not for Kanes apparent nervousness on 99 goals, which we also saw against MU a few days earlier, they would have put the game to bed well before Salah’s goal or the penalty incidents. So the real take away from the game was that Poch outwitted Klopp for the first time at Anfield and for the second time this season. That is the real reason for the bleating noises coming from Anfield.

  20. Even more sad for the league, calling penalty even though they did not know if the ball had been touched. Underhanded fist pump by ass’t. official when Moss said I’m giving the penalty. even if no answer given, how can he be asking Martin if he saw anything. To me that is so sad for the league. The asst. ref should either be suspended or fired for the fist pump. If that is not showing favor, I would be unaware what that might be.

  21. Karius didn’t attempt to play the ball when Kane went round him. He pulled his hands back. So he should have got a red card. Wouldn’t have been there to save it. Kane probably scored. 2-1. Etcetc!!


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