Abby Wambach has apologised for accusing referee Stephanie Frappart of purposely booking two of her United States teammates during their Women’s World Cup match against Colombia.

Wambach was angered by Frappart’s decision to hand yellow cards to Megan Rapinoe and Lauren Holiday, which will cause them to miss the US’ quarter-final fixture against China.

The 35-year-old initially felt that Frappart had intentionally given them bookings to ensure that they would be suspended, but she has now retracted that opinion – suggesting that she was wrong to voice such a controversial stance.

“I was asked my opinion about whether those yellow cards were just and for me, I am not in the referee’s head and that is something I definitely take ownership of and apologise for, because I don’t know what the referee is thinking,” the high-profile striker said.

“She is doing the very best job she can, so are the players, we are all trying to do our very best.

“That is what I feel bad about, that is what I think was taking a little bit wrong in what I said, because I don’t know what she was thinking and nobody can.

“For me, I have the utmost respect for all the referees who are refereeing these games, and all the players, because this is such a big event.

“No way did I intend to offend her and my biggest apology is if it was offensive in any way.”

FIFA have still not responded to Wambach’s initial comments.