Calls for goal-line technology in the USA grew louder last night after a major error in Major League Soccer.

A mix-up between Sporting Kansas City defender Lawrence Olum and goalkeeper Tim Melia led to the former’s backpass finding its way past the stopper and beyond the goal-line.

Melia made a desperate last slide to hook the ball clear, but to no avail – or so most inside Children’s Mercy Park thought.

Assistant referee Sean Hurd failed to spot that the ball had clearly crossed the line, as did referee Jorge Gonzalez. FC Dallas couldn’t believe it, and expressed their disbelief on social media – you can watch the clip below:

You Are The Ref’s Keith Hackett said: “I find it difficult to understand why one of the leagues so keen to introduce video technology has failed to not use goal-line technology.

“The goal by FC Dallas would have been clearly indicated and assisted the referee in making the correct decision.

“With the speed of the modern game it leaves match officials exposed to this error and I hope that Peter Walton, PRO’s general manager, will attempt to bring in this change. Cost should not be the prohibitory, the game is about goals and FC Dallas have every right to be aggrieved.”

FC Dallas went on to lose 2-0, with Olum scoring the opening goal for the hosts.